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Is Kim Kardashian a feminist icon? Does make-up empower us? If we use a dog filters, can we bark? Simple questions on my morning scroll through social media led me to research modern media and advertising practices of feminist celebrities on Instagram.


This short film aims to explore and highlight the ridiculousness of the online celebrity feminist persona. I attempt to question the spaces and behaviours of normality, by making public behaviours and personas that hide behind a screen. Is it weird? Is it normal? Is it candid? Or is it all a bit of fun?


In this project explore the banality of modern feminine routines. Make-up, Instagram, working-out, dieting, reality TV and nostalgia fashion tumble into a hyper-millennial, feel-good space. How is feminism exchanged and performed in the age of Instagram aesthetics, inflatable bodies and the ever-mounting pressure to be liked? Has Instagram created a generation of empowered women or has it drowned us in contouring?


See the full film below:

How to be a


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